I have worked on and or installed just about every type of residential equipment in the phoenix market. After so many years in the industry, I have formed some pretty strong opinions about the different brands out there. My primary recommendations are based on three factors, Quality and value of the equipment, parts availability and the technical support. Some of these factors are a little weightier than others. You could purchase the best equipment available; but, without the parts to support it, you might as well have bought the worst unit with available parts.

I am an independent contractor and can offer most all brands to my clients. I almost always recommend American standard as the best all around brand and Goodman as my most cost effective brand. I have installed American Standard for the past 20 years and am very pleased with the quality, technical support and the parts availability. The dealership network or number of Stores with available parts is the largest in the state of AZ. This distributor has 31 locations in over 6 states with 11 stores in AZ. So, that means I can get your unit running fast. I installed American Standard on my home and have had only two repairs in 12 years and they were minor. Most brands of equipment have anywhere from 1 to 3 stores which can dramatically decrease your chances of the parts being in stock. Some other factors are compressor failure rate or distributors that now nothing about what they sell or the inventory they carry.

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